Glass Grapevine Kitchen Backsplash

Posted on Jan 27, 2019 in Backsplashes, Kitchen & Bath, Tuscan | 0 comments

We created this custom fused glass kitchen backsplash for our client in Glendora, CA. The dimensions are 28″ x 48″ and...

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Beach Scene Glass Mural

Posted on Dec 30, 2018 in Backsplashes, Beach, New Works | 0 comments

We were commissioned to create something special for our clients in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They own a lobster business and they wanted...

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Blue Hydrangea Kitchen Backsplash

Posted on Aug 17, 2018 in Backsplashes, Floral, Kitchen & Bath | 0 comments

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Fused and Mosaics Glass Tile “Basket of Hydrangeas’ Kitchen Backsplash

Posted on Mar 15, 2012 in Backsplashes, Floral | 0 comments

Glass “Basket of Hydrangeas” Backsplash Basket, leaves and flowers fused glass and background mosaic tiles. The basket is...

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New Mexico Sunset and Poppies Glass Mural

Posted on Oct 19, 2017 in Backsplashes, Floral, New Works | 0 comments

We created this colorful fused glass mural for our client’s kitchen in New Mexico.  The mural features a field of colorful red...

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Mosaic Floral Backsplash

Posted on Aug 5, 2017 in Backsplashes, Featured, Floral, New Works | 0 comments

We created this colorful glass mosaic mural for our client in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The mural will be installed as a feature art work in...

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