Workshop Registration – Mosaic Three Day

Hours: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm daily

Location:  View Here

  • Designer Glass Mosaics
  • 11182 Downs Road (at E. Westinghouse)
  • Pineville, North Carolina 28134

Level: Beginner & Intermediate levels


  1. Introduction
  2. Description of tools and their use
  3. Demonstration of cutting stained and art glass to form geometric and curved mosaic tiles. Students will be able to try their hands.
  4. Patterning techniques – pencil grids, graph paper
  5. Glue and gluing techniques
  6. Filing edges
  7. Grout and grouting
  8. Students will make their own mosaic project which may be a flat work panel (suggested size 16″ x 24″) or a three dimensional work like a vase (12″ high suggested).

Materials Required:


  1. Glasses or safety glasses
  2. Substrate material (plywood, glass vase, etc.)
  3. Glue (Weldbond)
  4. Grout
  5. Bucket for grout
  6. Grout sponge
  7. Cotton cloth
  8. Stirrer stick for grout


  1. Glass scorer
  2. Running pliers
  3. Glass pliers
  4. Mosaic wheeled cutters
  5. Rotary mat for cutting
  6. Glass square
  7. Glasses or safety glasses
  8. Substrate material (plywood, glass vase, etc.)
  9. Glue (Weldbond)
  10. Grout
  11. Bucket for grout
  12. Grout sponge
  13. Cotton cloth
  14. Stirrer stick for grout

Cost: $300 per student (student brings glass, substrate, glue) $350 per student (we supply all materials needed)

$150 advance payment required to hold position in workshop. If unable to attend at last minute the payment will be applied to future workshop attendance. Send payment to:

  • Designer Glass Mosaics
  • 11182 Downs Road
  • Pineville, NC
  • 28134


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