Fused Glass Floral Backsplash (Blue Hydrangea)

We created this custom fused glass backsplash art piece for our client in Arizona.  The basket of hydrangeas is fused glass in colorings of blues and lavenders.  The basket is actually woven glass.  The intricate surrounding field of mosaic tiles are each cut from sheets of stained glass.  We also made the rope border to frame out the art piece.

Dimensions 19″ x 27″

Pricing depends upon the complexity of design and size of the glass artwork. WE DO NOT GIVE PRICE QUOTES BY EMAIL.  For pricing please fill out the contact us  form.   Please call our design coordinator Saundra at 704-488-5800 to discuss your project ideas, design, colors, general pricing, etc.


  1. Love this glasswork! What is the cost of this piece? Do you make smaller ones? Is the border part of the demensions?

  2. I love this basket of hydrangeas! The colors would really be the crown jewel in my kitchen if I could have in a smaller version. 10 x18? If this is even possible I would be interested in pricing it for my house. Let me know by email. Thank You Pat

  3. Can u please let me know how much this piece is?

    • Hi Tammy:
      Just checking to see if you are still interested in the Blue Hydrangea. If so, contact
      our Design Coordinator Saundra at: 704 488 5800

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