Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash “Beach Scene”

We enjoyed working on this seascape creation for our client’s beach home on Seabrook Island, South Carolina.

Saundra created the design working closely with our client. The backsplash is adhered to a tile board and combines fused glass design elements (beach umbrellas, turtles, pail and shovel), with actual sea shells, sea glass and hand-cut glass mosaic tiles.

As part of the commission we installed the backsplash while spending a week at the “beach resort”.

Dimensions 84″ wide and 14 1/2″ tall.

To be installed in Seabrook, South Carolina

Pricing depends upon the complexity of design and size of the glass artwork. WE DO NOT GIVE PRICE QUOTES BY EMAIL.  For pricing please fill out the contact us  form.   Please call our design coordinator Saundra at 704-488-5800 to discuss your project ideas, design, colors, general pricing, etc.


  1. Hi,
    I am very interested in something like this. We are in the budget phase of our project. We are in the San Diego area of California. What does something like this cost and is it something we can install ourselves? And….could the umbrellas be substituted for palm trees?

    Thank you.

  2. I was googling to find some ideas for a beach kitchen backsplash and came upon this. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT….. I have a beach condo in Hilton Head. I know this would be way out of my price range but may I ask an approximate cost for this in 93×14 and would it be something I could hang or a handyman who works with tile? Thank you for your response.


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